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How to Raise Happy, Confident and Competent Children
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3 Golden Principles to Raising Happy, Confident and Competent Children.
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  • The Magic of Positive Whispers

    Nice to meet you, I’m Inesa Klainman an expert on buidling a positive self esteem for children. Researches around the world prove that the number 1 factor impacting your childs behaviour is their self esteem. Positive Whispers is a proven method that helps children around the globe overcome their emotional and behavioural challanges easily and quickly.

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    The Magic of Positive Whispers

Avoid These 21 Mistakes to Help Your Child Achieve Abundance Consciousness

I have been deeply studying the topic of consciousness development in children and parents, and was surprised to find that many things that parents do can actually reduce their children’s sense of abundance. Unfortunately, many of us were raised with a lack consciousness, and often pass these limiting beliefs on to our children.

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Bossting children's confidence with EPW Method

3 Tips to Elevating your Child’s Self Esteem

Out of all topics concerning parents, the issue of children’s self-esteem is one that often comes up.
And it is quite understandable, because when you think about it, there is no doubt, that people (and children) with high self-esteem gain much more success in any area of their lives.

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EPW Method helps develop a solid self esteem imuning children's emotions and strengthening them agaons bullies

[Child Bullying] This Video Made me So Angry

During the past few weeks I’ve seen this video clip show up all over Facebook and YouTube and unlike the parade of praise it received my response was a little different. In fact, it got me very upset!

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Parenting and Spirituality? Do They Connect?

What does it mean bringing spirituality to your parenting?

Does this require you disconnect from reality?

To join a commune and meditate all day long?

Watch my take on it as well as some bloopers or in other words, me embarrassing myself while shooting this video)

I Wish My Child Would Mess Up the Room!

What would you do if you knew you only had 8 more hours to live?

Would you still fight over homework or would you listen to your children and find out what they are truely passionate about? Watch the video for more

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