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Bossting children's confidence with EPW Method

3 Tips to Elevating your Child’s Self Esteem

Out of all topics concerning parents, the issue of children’s self-esteem is one that often comes up.
And it is quite understandable, because when you think about it, there is no doubt, that people (and children) with high self-esteem gain much more success in any area of their lives.
After all, when you think about it, who would you rather hire to a new job, a person with low or high self-esteem?

Children with high self- esteem are much more prone to look for solutions when challenges occur, they tend to be more confident, they find it easier to make friends, they know they are loved and therefore it is very easy for them to give back love.
They get along better with siblings and friends and are simply much successful in their relationship and also academic achievements.

Unfortunately, research indicates that almost 80% of the modern world population suffer from some form of low self-esteem, which dramatically reduces their chance to fulfil their true potential.

Self- esteem is the set of beliefs that any person has about their own self.
Now listen closely to this important fact:
Any person’s self-esteem is created at a very young age and most of the things we believe about our self, are set in our mind between the ages of 0-7 years old.
That is why it is crucial to start empowering your children and helping them build a solid emotional foundation as early as possible.
Sometimes it is simple, minor things that support the evolution of positive self-esteem for children and here are just a few ideas of how you can start empowering your children today:

1. Hanging Their Photos on the Wall– Research indicates that children that grow up in houses where their photos are hanging on the walls or placed on shelves and are visible to all, raise a much higher self-esteem.

I decided to take this idea one step further.
I decided to take photos of my sons in very successful moments when they won a championship or came home with a great positive grade.
Then, I printed little stickers of them holding the cup they won or the test they brought home.
We then together placed those stickers on their notebooks, books and school bag, in order to regenerate that warm feeling of success, anytime they look at their books.

Here is an example from my boys’ bedroom

My Boys photos in their bedroom, reminding them just how loved they are











You too can simply print some photos of them and place them in visible locations at home and in their rooms.


2. Positive Visual Affirmations– Our subconscious mind tends to absorb messages it repeatedly encounters. Positive affirmations are a proven method to effectively strengthen children’s self-esteem. A great way of doing this is by printing single sentence affirmations and placing them in the house, where children can see them.

Attaching them to the fridge with a nice magnet, sticking them to a wall in the child’s room and even placing them in the bathroom, so that every time the child goes there they get a good dose of positivity.


3. Utilizing their Body– And another scientific fact is that not only our state of mind influences our body language, but it also works vice versa. So by learning to shift from a slouching posture to a straight back we already change our state of mind and move into a more comfortable zone.

Here is a great tip to help your children fill up with confidence. Try this every morning before heading off to school. Just ask them to hold their hands above their heads, straighten their back and jump up and down 5-6 times, when calling out loud: YESSSSSSSS.

That can definitely cheer up anyone, provide an energy boost and create a positive sense of self for the day.

And here you can see my youngest son demonstrating this 🙂


4. And yes, there is more 🙂
Another great way to help our children strengthen their self-esteem is by utilizing the EPW Mind Empowering Meditations.
The EPW Method Meditations are intended to be used while your children are asleep in order to bypass their conscious mind, which sometimes blocks positive messages from entering in.

So by playing these meditations while they sleep, you get a wonderful opportunity to boost their confidence and self-esteem, while eliminating the factor which blocks them from seeing all that is so wonderful in them.

And now a surprise and I know you are going to love this!

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A set of mind empowering meditations for children and their parents
















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Wish you lots of love and blessings,


Inesa Klainman



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