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3 Golden Principles to Raising Happy, Confident and Competent Children.
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What would you do if your child was an emotional pincushion, bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of sensations and triggers, making his days extremely difficult and culminating in frustrated tears?

You would likely do what I did and consult with every expert you could find until you found an answer.

But what if no one had the answer?

This was my world. My sweet little boy was suffering and there was nothing I could do about it. There was nothing anyone could do about it.

To him, the smallest tasks seemed nearly impossible. And as he grew, his frustrations grew as well, leaving him feeling negative about himself in so many ways – and crying in despair. His mantra was, “I can’t.” And it was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After realizing doctors did not have the key to unlocking my son’s self-confidence, which was bottled up inside, I got to work. I learned various therapy methods, analyzing them for what worked and what didn’t for children like my son. And my studies eventually led me back to a subject I had been interested in for many years: the subconscious mind.

Suddenly everything came together – all the classes, books and experiences helped me realize there was one thing left that no one had tried: talking to my son’s subconscious mind as he slept. pro

Yes, various therapeutic methods guided parents toward meditation, but none focused on the child’s calm, sleeping mind. And I quickly realized they were missing out on the most fantastic method ever.

So I decided to try something the doctors could not prescribe or even fully fathom, to be honest – an idea that most folks (including my husband) met with skepticism: I whispered my wishes for my son to him while he slept, hoping to ease his troubled mind through his dreams.

His self-confidence improved pretty immediately, and he started to feel good about himself. How immediate was the change? The first spark took one week: my son started to smile – and laugh! Week two had him skipping down the streeting singing. And every few weeks another milestone was met.

THIS was the boy I’d always known he could be. It was incredible. It IS incredible.

Months and months later he’s a very different little boy. We haven’t “cured” his  sensitivity, but he HAS learned to control and contain his emotions. And that realization is powerful. It’s life changing really.

And it has been working for dozens of additional families as well. Learn more here [link to video].

Change is only a whisper away.


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  • Vinka August 23, 2019   Reply →

    Hi, I’m from Serbia and my kids don’t speak English. Can we benefit from EPW course? If it is based on meditations for children than probably is not sutable. Could you please help me understand more about the method. Thank you so much. Generaly we are ok, but I see they are shy and I wish for them to be more confident and go for their dreams and not to care for the approval of others. Thank you.

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