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[Child Bullying] This Video Made me So Angry

During the past few weeks I’ve seen this video clip show up all over Facebook and YouTube and unlike the parade of praise it received my response was a little different. In fact, it got me very upset!

This great person explains how kids can handle bullies and harassment by simply accepting what they say about them, which he says will “take the sting” out of the hurtful remarks, and that will cause the bullies to run out of reasons to bother the child.

That’s a beautiful attitude, very mature, very smart…


However, I felt the anger bubbling up inside of me when I saw this video clip.  That’s because I know about this kind of thing all too well.

I have seen way too many instances of kids being bullied and harassed over and over in different situations.


The emotional hardship is so great, the feelings of insult or humiliation build up, and the child stands there, facing the bully, wanting to cry or hide her tears or just run away.


The response suggested by the person in the clip is suitable for adults or children with a much more mature attitude who have greater life experience, and the emotional maturity to objectively assess situations and deal with them from a logical point of view and not from an emotional one.


But most kids really aren’t at that developmental and emotional level.


They will eventually get there.

However, most of us, even as adults, find it very difficult to react rationally when we are offended.


Just think about that person who cut you off on the road, or that woman at the supermarket who made some cynical remark.


Yes, it triggers within us an emotional response and not a rational one.

And that is how things are with our children as well, especially those at elementary school age kids.


So yes, it is nice and also important to show them how to react rationally when they have been insulted, and we can even practice that at home with them…


But the most powerful thing that can help children deal with insults in a different way is…


Are you ready for this?

It is creating a powerful emotional immune system!


Strengthen your kids on the inside, so that they won’t feel inferior when facing a hurtful person, and so they will feel strong enough that these hurtful behaviours will just pass them by.


How do you build an emotional immune system?


The way to do it is to strengthen your child’s self-esteem.

When we help our kids change what they think about themselves, we are helping them make the right choices.


These right choices have to do with what they feel and how they respond, as well as how they handle every situation in their lives.


Self-esteem is the sum total of all the beliefs a person or child has about themselves.  What they believe they can or cannot do…


And a child who believes himself to be weak, undeserving and unworthy will obviously experience great difficulties in the face of bullying, as well as when facing the truth of every life situation.

New material at school will be harder to handle, making new relationships will be more challenging, and it will be more difficult to be kind and forgiving to friends and siblings.


However, a child equipped with a strong sense of self-esteem will not even consider these things.

Children with strong self-esteem can learn new material at school with greater ease, can more easily fit in socially and can better handle challenging situations and find their place in new situations.


That is why children’s self-esteem is the most important thing that we as parents must work on in order to help our children develop their emotional immune system.


What they believe about themselves is what will lead them through their lives and define their level of success (or lack thereof) in every dimension and area of their lives.


If you are anything like me, then you are probably a parent who believes in the importance of taking the reins into our hands and helping our children achieve emotional immunity by strengthening their self-esteem.

So just keep reading on because it is clear to me that you will love what I am about to tell you.


Low self-esteem and low self-confidence can be improved at any age!!!


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