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How Come EPW- Positive Whispers is So Effective in Empowering Children and Parents?

Today I’m going to share what new research reveals is the exact reason why so many children today suffer from a low self esteem and how it hinders their chances to achieving their goals and fulfilling their true potential.

And more importantly you’ll discover a breakthrough method used by parents all over the world to overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties in an easy and rapid way. You can use the same method and see dramatic change in your child’s self esteem and behaviour in a matter of just a few weeks.

Once you begin using this unique and even unusual method, even starting today you can literally expect to see the changes in your children in 6-8 weeks, How amazing is that? I know this may sound a little far-fetched to you like it did to all of these parents that have done it using this method, but I promise it’s not, so just keep listening.

You’ll also see how this unusual method allows you as a parent to empower your own self esteem as part of the process to  allow your children to reach their best possible potential.

Now I totally understand it if you think you’ve heard and tried it all when it comes to helping your children overcome their difficulties and hardship, believe me, I’ve been there too for 3 whole years! But I completely guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before and I promise you’re about to be absolutely amazed.

Listen, before we go any further let me assure you this has nothing to do with the conventional therapy methods that just keep puling you and your child to yet another session and another one for months and months and even years, seeing little or no progress or results.

This is something completely different and you’re going to love it.

Really quickly, a little about me, you may not already know:

In the last years, I’ve focused my attention on the new child epidemic: low self esteem.

I wasn’t just doing this out of sheer academic curiosity. I had a burning desire to help my son fulfil his true potential, which, unfortunately at the age of 2 years old, he was already lacking all confidence. But maybe I’m a bit a head of my self.

I was doing this extensive research on child self esteem and then one day I had an epiphany. A light bulb moment which helped me realize something so shocking, and so ground-breaking that I knew it could help any child’s self esteem, strengthen their self confidence and allow them to express the very best version of them self.


First, I’d like to introduce you to someone very special to me, my oldest son. Because to be perfectly honest, he is the only reason I was even studying the issue of child empowerment so passionately in the first place.

I have two lovely boys; When my eldest son was born, my husband and I didn’t know anything about parenting.


But, since I’d read every parenting guide on the face of this planet I felt that, theoretically, I was going to be a great mother. That’s it; bring on any challenge and I will handle it! My baby is crying; just a few jumps on a physio-ball will solve that! Baby gas issues; I had all the baby-slings available!

I learned everything I could about taking care of my child and I was ecstatic about it, about my sons and about my family!

I knew my life mission was no longer in the fancy international hi tech career I had but in my parenting. I was determined to make the best for my family and setting my children to live their potential.

Only when my son was 2 years old reality hit us hard. We received a message from the day-care teacher saying that my son is, “A bit too sensitive.” Her advice was that he should be examined so that a solution can be found to help him with his sensitivity and strong emotional reactions, as well as with his fine sensory skills, motor, skills social skills and more issues he was facing.

Only then I started to realize that that he was indeed a bit too sensitive. He cried at almost everything and had a very low level of tolerance to basically anything. Our days were one long battle to help him master his emotions and stop the crying and the whining.

I wondered, ‘To deal with this, which parenting book should I revisit or buy now? Hmm…’

And none of the books have prepared me for this…

Before my son was born, and even when I held him for the first time, I had a clear image in mind of what I wanted him to be – a happy, athletic, friendly, confident child who would be kind and loving to everyone.

I’m sure you shared the same dream (or a similar version) for your son or daughter.

But, if you are anything like me, instead you were faced with an over-sensitive child who cries at everything, lacks self-confidence and feels frustrated at attempting even the simplest of tasks.

Every day presented a new challenge and his self-fulfilling mantra seemed to be the words, ‘I CAN’T!’ I can’t do this, I can’t succeed at this, I can’t stand this…

So, just as I’m sure you did or are doing, my husband and I invested in a long series of observations, tests, treatments, doctors, therapists, consultants, experts and advisor visits with and without my son being present.

For almost three years we tried everything from numerous parental guidance consultancy sessions to controlled therapy.

But nothing really helped.

Nothing stuck nor was effective.

When I saw that nothing really helped my son I felt like the worst failure in the world because I couldn’t help find someone to help my son.

You see, none of the experts could give us what we needed to help our son achieve the true potential I knew he had in him.

I felt like a total failure as a mother

I felt like a total failure as a mother

I was crushed to see my wonderful son whom I absolutely adore suffer with his low self esteem and negative self-image issues and my heart was broken.

Now one of the reasons I was so worried is because of my own personal history.

When I was growing up, my beloved younger brother was suffering from the same symptoms as my son did. In fact they even look so much alike.

My younger brother was suffering from a low self esteem, he was very temperamental and went through an extremely challenging (not to say almost wild) childhood and adolescence.

I was terrified that this issue runs in our family and that my son is doomed to go through the exact hardships as my brother did.

To make things even worse, one day my husband told me he is no longer willing to go to yet another session of therapy, as we have given it all the time, effort and chances we could and that simply didn’t help at all.


I was torn apart!

On the one hand I knew my husband was right, all the many sessions we went to for so long, all that wasn’t helping us at all, yet on the other hand I couldn’t just give up, I had to find a solution because I knew I couldn’t continue like this for much longer.

I could not continue to live everyday as a one big survival battle.

All the time, while my son was in therapy, for 3 long years I’ve studied and researched, looking for an alternative to help him experience him self in a positive way.

I remember that day I had the epiphany as clearly as it was this morning. As in every evening I was siting on the sofa in our living room. Almost every night I would sit quietly in our living room and the tears ran down. I used to cry to my husband- what will become of this child if at the age of 2, 3 or 4 he already lacks all basic belief in himself and can’t control his emotions?

But in one particular evening I felt something strange. Something was different.

I had a moment where I realized clearly exactly what I needed to do to help my son and my self. I had an epiphany, a clear moment of knowing the exact right thing to do.

That understanding which lead to a dramatic change in my son’s behavioural and emotional status in just 4 weeks.

This was so amazing that even his pre school teacher called me and told me about the amazing change my son went through.

She said it looked like a miracle and then she asked who is the expert I took him to this time.

When she heard the answer she was stunned, shocked and amazed.

In fact, when she heard the answer she asked me to come in for a special appointment with her.

I think she thought I lost my mind…

But when I sat there and explained to her exactly what I did she moved from being a sceptic to a firm believer.

You see, she saw the change in her own eyes, she saw just how rapidly my son went from being a low confidence child to a happy, social leader and expressive child.

In fact, when she realized all this she asked me if I could help her with her child, who was having a hard time coping in his first year in school.

And so I did, and once again, the results were stunning!

In just 4 short weeks, his emotional issues, lack of willingness to participate in class and inability to make friends were gone!

However, as impressive as that was, what stands out the most is that while our children went through this surprisingly rapid empowerment process, we the mothers did as well, and it made perfect sense.

As our children mirror our very thought, emotion and behaviour, it is never enough to simply empower them, it is imperative that we the parents, take action and empower our self as well. That is the only way we could allow our children go through the emotional and behavioural changes and to allow them to see them self as the wonderful beings we, as parents, know they are.

Now listen closely and stay with me for what I’m about to share because this is the most important part of the presentation, ok?

It all starts with what we believe about our self

It is a long known fact that 90% of what we achieve is based on our self esteem. Our self esteem is based on what we believe about our self, and whatever we believe about our self is determined at a very young age. How young? Well, between 0-7 years old. And sometimes we get a very distorted view of our self due to a misinterpretation of events that take place at a very young age.

Low self-esteem is a common denominator for people who have a lot of conflicts in their life, conflicts with life and with their own existence.  People and children with a low self-esteem live in a constant feeling of lack, and so they worry about the future, they are envious of others, they are anxious, they have hard time concentrating, achieving their goals, they have destructive relationships, and they feel hurt and offended easily and there fore they also hurt others with their words.

Conversely, many studies have shown that a high self-esteem is the number one factor for feeling happy and fulfilled, for having positive relationships and friendships, and seeing one’s self as successful at life.


A child that gets laughed at in class may develop a belief that he is not smart enough to express him self at public and years later will avoid any public appearance and will have stage fear.

Just imagine what this person could accomplish if only that early age belief was not there…

Or, allow me to share a personal story, when I was very young my mother used to lovingly call me: my personal beauty queen. I loved it when she called me this.

Then one day, I was probably about 4 years old, I told my next door neighbour friend that my mother said that my mother told me I am her beauty queen. My friend burst into laughter and told me that I’m not a beauty queen at all, in fact you are more ugly than beautiful, she said. Can you imagine the shock I was in. I thought that mother had lied to me and I was in horror about this, For many years later I carried around a thought that I’m ugly.

Ahm, yes, this is exactly what I thought of my self for many many years, because of one childish remark from a friend.

So we each have our personal stories that build up our belief system about what we can and can’t achieve. And what we believe turns into our character and basically runs our life on some sort of autopilot.

But what if we could change our thoughts? I asked my self…

What if we could somehow influence our self to change our beliefs about our self?

And what if we could teach our children to do so as well?

Wouldn’t you think it is absolutely amazing if that is something achievable?

And how amazing it would be if we knew that not only it is achievable but it can happen faster than you think.

Science has now discovered that virtually everything we do, think or believe is a certain way that our brain is wired.

And if we want change all we need to do is to change the basic underlying belief we have-


We need to re- wire our conditioning and our habits to believe we are not good enough, that things can’t change, that we can’t do or achieve something.

How do we do that?


The Secret Hides In Our Subconscious Mind


Well our subconscious mind is like a garden , a very fertile one, we can plant weeds or we can plant flowers.

Imagine you have a best friend that takes care of everything for you. It makes sure you eat when you need to, you sleep when you need to, you are cared for all the time…

Well you don’t need to imagine this any further.

This friend is your sub conscious mind.

It is in charge of everything that runs on autopilot in your life. It is in charge of your heart pulse, your blood stream running, it delivers ques so you know when you need to eat, sleep, and it assures that you always feel safe.

And some people learn at early childhood that shying away from friends is safe for them. Others learn than safe means being aggressive towards the world, expecting disappointments, not believing in them self.

Each person, each adult and each child have their own interpretation, their own belief on what is safe to them.

So your subconscious mind makes sure you are safe at all times and protects you at all times like a good friend.

But then, sometimes you realize that shying away from friends is no longer fun, and you might even long for connection

still you find it hard to change and open up to new friends because there is a deeply rooted belief in you that being open and friendly is not safe and your subconscious continues to do only what is safe for you.

Old habits die hard they say…

Who hasn’t heard this phrase before?

Especially the ones who have started when you were a child.

And what about your children. Which habits are they now adopting, ones that inhibit their ability to concentrate in school, to make friends easily, to express their emotions in a relaxed manner, to behave nicely to their siblings, to feel good about them self…

How much thought have you given to the habits they are creating today, which form their self esteem, that self esteem that is not only making it very hard for them to realize their potential, but might also hurt their future growth and success.

This is exactly what I was thinking about my children- what can I do today to help them feel good about them self, to develop a healthy self esteem, to realize their potential so that this success experience leads their path to a happy future.

One day I stumbled upon the research of Dr. Maxwell Maltz who was one of the first to investigate the power of self esteem. His research dates decades back and he said, quote:

“our self-esteem controls us.  ‘self esteem is the key to human behaviour.  A change in a person’s self-esteem will cause an immediate change in that person’s personality and behaviour.”

I  don’t know about you but reading this blew my mind with possibilities.

Wow, this sparked a new fire in me, realizing that there is hope to change my child’s self esteem and as a result to help him change his behaviour.

So now there was hope but I still needed to figure out the way. How can I make this happen and how can I make this quick.

So here is the good news:  You can change low self-esteem. And that can quickly bring a behavioural change which will lead you to achieve better results than you ever had before.  This is true for adults, and even more so for our children.  Self-esteem influences everything.  If a child feels he or she is not good enough they might express those feelings through social difficulties and introversion, through self deprecation or conversely through frustration, anger and even violence.  Children who have a hard time expressing themselves and regulating their emotions will express their frustration through bedwetting, by wetting themselves during the day or even soiling.  They might be jealous of their siblings, cry a lot, feel helpless, confused or unfocused, and express their frustration in complex and difficult behaviours.

This is why self-esteem, and the emotional world of our children are the key to understanding all of their behaviours.

But the subconscious mind is the key to clearing away the difficulties, bringing a truly rapid change and unlocking your child’s true potential!


Now get ready to some surprising facts about empowering your child’s self esteem, emotional immune and quick behavioural change!

My research has discovered that there truly are just 3 basic principles you need to know to bring out your child’s real potential come true.

I’d like to introduce you to what really is the future of child and parents empowerment:

EPW- the mind empowerment method with surprisingly quick and long lasting effect. And as I said’ all it takes I following 3 simple principles;

Principle number 1:

You are the best care taker for your children- I’m the best care taker and therapist for my children, and you are the best therapist for your children.

You see, I used to run from one specialist to another, taking more and more external advice that simply weakened me as a parent instead of connecting to my basic maternal instincts. This also weakened my son, because while he was dragged from one therapist to another his self esteem was deteriorating. He felt he was so flawed that he had to be taken to so much therapy to be fixed.

And as a result he started objecting and wasn’t willing to cooperate with the therapists he went to…

I later on heard similar experiences from other parents who their children either actively refused to go to the therapy sessions or they went unwillingly and then just passively sat there, not cooperating at all.

So With EPW- Positive whispers, basic principle you, the parent are the best care taker for your child.

And the change happens in a very harmonious way, at home, reducing your child’s objection and removing their thought that if they are going to therapy, well something must truly be wrong with them.

On the contrary, with EPW, the parents take back control of the situation and they them self use the tools that help make the astonishingly rapid changes.

The second principle:

In order to empower your child, you must start with empowering your self. If you wish to see your child’s self-esteem soaring you will need to examine your own self-esteem and the model you are for them/

It is a simple as that, anything you see in your child is a reflection of something that is hidden deep in side your subconscious mind.

Sometimes it is really easy to identify this in your self, but the tricky part is when you see your child’s behaviour or expression of difficulty but can’t see where is it rooted inside of you. For example, sometimes parents tell me: well my child is 10 and he is still wetting his bed every night. I’m not wetting my bed, so how is this my own reflection?

My answer is straight forward. A child who is wetting their bed is suffering emotionally and the bedwetting is just a symptom of their lack of confidence, lack of sense of security and lack of ability to express their true self.

Often times when parents hear this, they will immediately know to identify just how insecure they are, and just how much they please others rather than state their mind.

So you see, empowering your children, is an important task for any parent, but the prerequisite is empowering your self first.

So if there is something truly deeply rooted in you, something that makes you believe you are less capable or worthy than you really are, you need to start weeding that out to help your child.

And your child’s misbehaviour, or emotional challenge is in most cases, just a sign for you to look for that internal call within you to make change within you and make peace within your self.

Today I regard my son’s emotional difficulties as a gift I was given to allow me to grow and develop as a mother, as a wide, as a person as a human being.

Had I not made the change in me, the change in my son would never manifest this quickly and wouldn’t be this long lasting.

And the third principle

is that what ever change you want to do must begin with your subconscious mind.

Remember how we spoke about the subconscious mind being a trusted friend?

If you ever wondered how come you use positive talk, encourage and compliment your child and still the children feel discouraged and suffer from low self esteem, well the reason is hidden deep in their subconscious mind.

Only this is an old fashioned friend, who likes things to stay as they are, for a very long time. And that friend is strongly protected by the conscious mind, which is an expert at distorting the truth we perceive.

So even if we hear wonderful things about us, if we have a basic belief that we are not good enough, the conscious mind will distort that positive piece of information about us to believe that we are not that great.

You see, your child’s mind, and your mind are hardwired to resist believing in the good things that are possible for you. It is coded to reject positive beliefs about your self.

Oh but you are wonderful!

And so are you children!

So to make sure we can make quick changes we in EPW use various mind empowering techniques which enter directly the subconscious mind.

Empowering techniques that hit exactly the heart of problem and start the powerful momentum for self empowerment and for your child’s empowerment.

Just how powerful this momentum is?

Well, out of thousands of families I worked with, families who took part in my classes and courses, 80% report that they witnessed the surprising change in a matter of 4-8 weeks. Some reported that they noticed the change starting to sprout in just a few days after they started using the unique EPW techniques.

How amazing is this?

I can’t tell you how my heart beats every time I hear about child that overcame their fears of staying alone in their room, about a girl who no longer wets her bed and now can go to sleep over at friends house, about a child who was diagnosed with ADHD and now has relaxed in such a profound manner that they can easily participate in class, do their homework and have improved their grades.

And so many success stories have piled up in the recent years, just because parents decided to learn the method and make it work for their most valued ones, their children.

The Fact is the evolution made us believe much more strongly in negative thoughts then positive ones. This was the only way our ancestors could survive in a very harsh environment.

But today we have the right to feel protected, loved and worthy of good things.

It is in your hands to provide that sense of security to your children, to your families, and to your self.

It is in your power to make this change come to you rapidly and provide your children the positive life they deserve to have.

Remember the good news we learned from Dr. Maltz, it is in your power to change your self esteem, it is in your hands to help your child strengthen their self confidence and boost their self esteem.

Can you imagine how much faster you can bring about positive change to your child’s life when you have the secret to boosting their self esteem?

The difference is unbelievable.

Can you picture your life with your children demonstrating calm emotions, friendliness, confidence, positivity and sheer happiness?

You can make this reality starting today, just like all the other parents and children examples you saw here today. These are real life stories, of parents who called me and wrote to me stunned and amazed at the quick improvement, which took place, after years of failed therapy sessions.


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