Positive Whispers

How to Raise Happy, Confident and Competent Children
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3 Golden Principles to Raising Happy, Confident and Competent Children.
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  • The Magic of Positive Whispers

    Nice to meet you, I’m Inesa Klainman an expert on buidling a positive self esteem for children. Researches around the world prove that the number 1 factor impacting your childs behaviour is their self esteem. Positive Whispers is a proven method that helps children around the globe overcome their emotional and behavioural challanges easily and quickly.

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    The Magic of Positive Whispers

Your Child is Just Like a Grain of Sand

I hear this over and over again from so many parents: their children are suffering from various difficult situations. And the parents are suffering as well.

But what if you could think of your child as if they were a grain of sand…

Watch all about this in the video

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Here is How you Can Empower Your Child’s Self-Esteem

“I’m constantly empowering my children and complimenting them for everything they do and say, and still they have no confidence.  I help them with everything they need so they will feel successful, and it just doesn’t help.  What more should I do to empower them, make them feel confident?”

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How to Avoid Yelling at Your Kids, Even on the Hardest Days?

“The most amazing thing about the Positive Whispers process was that I simply stopped yelling at my children. I’m calmer, they’re calmer, and suddenly I don’t have to scream to get their attention. It was worth it just for that!”

Who hasn’t experienced the following scene?

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Momy, Will You Sleep with Us?

Mommy will you sleep with us?

Every night before the boys go to sleep I hear a 2 voice choir, my 2 boys are staring at me with their big eyes asking me to stay with them and cuddle until they fall asleep.

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